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In Facebook creating a page is not as complex as the Google+, the only need is to have a profile user. The company had own profile inactive of course, but he had page something that happened immediately. The page in Facebook professional seo services agency there is to distinguish users from business, etc., and is very important for a business that advertised on FB because it provides analytic- prices information for the public, is free of charge, detailed statistics refer to the posts. Then I added some information about the business such as phones, opening hours, city, street and entered the site.

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I invited those friends to Luce was on the profile to like the page and on the page. A good page on Facebook in addition to lots of states has lots of good reviews, the more and the good is yes (5 stars) so a greater impact, and reputation. Therefore, apart from the real visitors that they alone of good review would urge you and all my local business seo packages acquaintances to write a review for to shorten the time m be a page for you to climb up without payment. Beginning with the management of the profile and page on Facebook the inactive until then profile of the company had only 80 friends, with the result that 58 use the same tactic with Google+ but this time not making friends Luce from target group, who they like, in Alexandroupolis, and Samothrace because on FB if you send a lot of friend requests to unknown between the block with a penalty for one week and you can't send other demands- the friendship.

So I had to focus on a specific target group which among them would be known. This was done by entering in the profile of people who were or worked in shops of Alexandroupolis and inviting all the friends who knew each other, they have professional seo services agency the same stores and had the same interests making it more likely to accept the friend request if they see that they had 100 of the same people. So I started to upload my friends the profile of the company without blocking the FB with penalty and at the same time invite you to run over and like the page. This time in less than a time the profile has 1300 friends and the page is approximately 300 interactions the week.

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The pictures on the Facebook like and Google+ is the perfect, city- important as I said above because it is the showcase social network of the company. So here I added the best pictures of the hotel which the notifying accompanied by a text, the location and the link to the site and here was observed the phenomenon that many visitors to the page came from the images directly in menu Accommodation and Equipment where there were like a link in a description of each image. The notices would have to be tempting with the result always the friends of the page you will see stomped clicking on the link, because an average user receives such a large volume of information for everyday life to that to open and see a link you need to pique the interest. So because a black link would not have any luck either on Facebook I used the meta description of each of menu in a similar publication. This but this was not random because of the frequent appearance in the social networks, in particular, the meta IP in combination with the link affects, in a small of course, extent, the Google bot (which daily go here draws reams of information from Social media). Also, one to two times every week beyond the communications which were relevant to the business I chose to do, and some associated with the island to not monopolizing the interest of the users.